Client Management

Client management is the process of overseeing and coordinating an organization's interactions with its clients and potential clients. Several basic principles help guide organizations that perform good client management. The principles range from honesty to communication.


Client management principles include the following:

  • Be Honest and Transparent: Be up front about timelines and any issues with a client’s project. If your team encounters issues related to a client’s project, let them know. Don’t sugarcoat the realities.
  • Communicate Well: Communicate regularly with clients, keeping in mind their preferences on frequency and mode of communication. Be accessible — respond quickly when they want to communicate.
  • Build Trust: This step starts with authenticity, but you can build trust in other ways, too. Help clients understand your industry’s jargon, for instance — while taking care not to use it too often. Take the time to learn a client’s industry lingo and nuances.
  • Set Expectations: Don’t try to please clients by making promises you’re not sure you can keep. That causes bigger problems later. Tell clients what you believe is reasonable in terms of the work, timelines, and results. Ask your clients directly about what they expect from a project or the relationship. Then respond to that feedback truthfully.
  • Learn Your Client’s Industry: When you research the client’s background, they’ll be impressed that you took the time to understand their business and the challenges they face. This insight can help you grasp their needs and your work together.
  • Stay Aligned: Establish the scope of the work at the beginning of the project and avoid scope creep. When your client asks or expects you to do work that’s not part of the original agreement, communicate directly about why that isn’t your responsibility. Make changes only if both sides agree.
  • Measure Success: You might also want to establish key performance indicators for the work and relationship, then regularly track those KPIs.

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